Recent Work

Some of our previous work.

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    1 Boston Close

    Project aim was to tidy up the edge of the garden, and to make it easier to maintain.

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    Adam & Amy Govan (part 2)

    Project Aim was to make the end of the garden more child friendly and useable. Bark chips used to level off and make safe.

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    Ben & Sophie Webster

    Project aim was to clean Indian Sandstone Patio that hadn't been cleaned in over 5 years.

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    Adam & Amy Govan

    Project aim was to clear the Holly Tree to allow more light into the front room, and to replace gravel with grass.

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    Abi Weigold

    Project aim was to clear end of garden to allow gravel to be laid at a later date.

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    Harriet Jessup-Neary

    Project aim was to clear the garden, to make it useable

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    Hawker Garden

    Project aim was to make the garden useable.

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    Helen Gilbert

    Project aim was to remove some turf and replace with gravel.

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    Kate Aldridge

    To tidy up edge of garden, by applying mulch.

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