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Maintaining a healthy garden can easily become bottom of the priority list when working a fulltime job, running a house, or looking after a family. Your garden can be an area to relax or entertain, but if left unchecked can soon overgrow to become messy. Garden clearance can be a simple matter of clearing getting rid of the rubbish that’s been in your shed for years or clearing the pile of waste sitting in the corner.

Garden Clearance


Overgrown Areas

Cutting back overgrown trees and shrubs to open up areas.

Structure Removal

Old sheds and greenhouses can be taken down and removed to make way for new.


Large areas can be weeded allowing areas of the garden to be used again

Garage/Shed clearance

Making space for the new, by clearing out the old.

Rubbish removal

Using bins on-site, or arranging a skip for any waste to be safely removed.

Gardening Shed


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