With Hawker Garden Services you can expect a quick and honest service. Whether it’s a minor renovation, simple maintenance or a completely new blueprint, we can provide you with a bespoke service to give you the private, outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

Our team is ready to apply years of accumulated skills and experience, ensuring first-rate solutions for all of our customers.. With an easy, open communication channel throughout the duration of every project, you can expect a swift and efficient service, stress-free, every time.  





We understand that a garden not only serves as a private, open-air space to relax or to come together with friends and family; it’s also an extension of your home, and something to take pride in. 

Lawn care & Renovation

Garden Maintenance

Flower & Plant Care

Hedge Trimming & Cleanup

Drive & Patio revitalising

Hedge Cutting

Starting price for 2 people, minimum 2 people

Starting From

On Enquiry

Day Rate

A full day completing all services as required

Starting From

On Enquiry

Regular 2 hour visit

A 2 hour visit completing Garden Mainenance as required

Starting From

£17.50 - £25.00

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