For creating new beds & borders or simply improving existing soil in your garden then Westland Top Soil is ideal for a high quality finish. It is also perfect for general lawn preparation & repairs such as levelling lawns, making it the ideal accompaniment for your general garden use. For general planting & lawn preparation Specially selected & graded top soil Perfect for re-invigorating garden soil Ideal for lawn preparation & levelling Westland Top Soil is a specially selected rich clay loam soil with a high humus content which retains nutrients and moisture, making it ideal for use all around the garden. This soil has been sieved to remove stones and debris and heat sterilized to kill off weed seeds. Westland Top Soil has a balanced clay, silt and sand composition with plenty of organic matter providing good structural stability under all weather conditions. It is lime and chalk free and perfect for adding nutrients and organic structure to enhance beds and borders. When creating a new bed in your garden you may find yourself short of soil. Use Westland Top Soil to increase the volume and depth of soil for your new bed, giving your plants and trees the perfect start for quick establishment. Building up beds and borders - Top Soil can be used to raise beds which have sunken over the years. Place a 7-10 cm layer on beds and borders prior to planting or in thinner layers around existing plants. The fresh soil provides a rich supply of organic matter acting as a fresh source of nutrition for new and established plants. Conditioning soil - Help improve poor soil in your garden by mixing 50:50 with Top Soil and digging in. This will improve soil structure and add humus helping to rejuvenate the soil.

Top Soil

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