If you want a healthy-looking lawn which appears mature without the lengthy process of seeding, turf installation if the perfect solution. Not only does turf decrease the cost of maintenance, but it supports year-round activity on a surface which is both safe and resilient, while also eliminating the use or need of potentially harmful pesticides or fertilizer.

New Lawn Installation


Ground Preparation

Rotavating the soil to loosen it up, removing weeds, roots and clods of soil


Using rakes/roller to level the area filling in dips, and removing peaks

Soil Conditioning

Applying soil and fertiliser to the soil prior to turf being laid

Edge Installation

Straightening edges, installing borders to allow clean lines between turf and paths & borders.

Turf Laying

Installing the turf as soon as possible after delivery, and watering well to promote rooting.

Gardening Shed